FILM FUND OF UTAH is a Jobs and Economic Growth Stimulus targeted at expanding and diversifying the Digital Media Cluster in Utah, quickly and significantly contributing to the State’s economy and establishing Utah as a center of the Digital Media Industry, creating high-paying, green, flexible, and educated jobs; and retain the talent Utah educators produce annually. To learn more about the proposed legislation click here.

Film Fund of Utah, LLC, is privately-funded Digital Media funding company working to gain state support, with exclusive access to private investment funds. Film Fund of Utah’s is to finance and produce projects with strong thematic content and to work with directors who have demonstrated exceptional talent. The fund will help develop numerous projects in the state of Utah.

Film Fund of Utah generally seeks projects that have significant breakout potential. In addition, Film Fund of Utah provides bridge loans, sales agency advances, gap loans and finishing funds on a selective basis. See our list of services for more information.

 Film Fund of Utah is currently accepting requests. Contact us for project submissions and for any Film Fund of Utah information.

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